Hip $ociety News Best of 2010

2010 is coming to an end, what a year it has been. Even though we jump started Hip Society News 6 months ago, doesn’t mean we weren’t hip to this music thing. The year has been big we seen comebacks from some of the past greats, the emergence of new comers, the rise of social networking taking over the music industry, and much more. So its only right that us at HipSocietyNews bring to you our first year wrap that includes our years top albums, mixtapes, singles, artist, rookies, and lastly who we think people should be on the lookout for.

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Hip Society News Interview With Jackie Chain

“Rollin, Rollin, Rollin ,We Aint Slept In Weeks“. Man it really seems like that for Alabama’s own Jackie Chain, he been on the grind the last half of the year. Last week Hip Society News had the chance to catch up with him before he hit the studio, to talk about future plans, highlights of 2010, Auburn Tigers, and much more. -Joffer

So tell us about Jackie Chain, whats been up with you?

Well I am Jackie Chain mane, native son to Alabama I’m from Huntsville.  Man…I rap, I do my thing, I am signed to Universal Motown. I am about to drop an album entitled “I Aint Slept In Weeks “ I am really excited about that. Along with dropping an album at the top of the year, I am also getting ready to go on tour, and I am also dropping a few videos. I am just ready to get it popping.

How Did You Get Started Doing Music?

Man I have always been into the music thing; it’s always been the thing to do. When I was younger, I used to sit around with my friends and rap. It has always been fun to me (rapping). Rapping has always been interesting to me. Even when I was a little kid I used to dance and sing, a lot of things I did revolved around music. I really didn’t take rapping serious until a few years back, but like I said its always been apart of me, the music.

So with that’s being said you know, you just starting to take it serious, how did you get to the point you are in your career?

Really just grinding mane, like a lot people say its 10% talent and 90% grind, you have to really make sacrifices and give it 110% and when I decided to do that shit started working out. It’s like anything you do, you can’t be a Doctor or Lawyer or the best at what you do without giving a 110%.

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